September 25, 2013

Round 3

I still cannot believe that this is our third year in Sweden.  A few things have changed this year.  For one, Sam is now playing for Djurgårdens IF hockey club in Stockholm. So far we are loving the city! So is our puppy, Raylan.  She is one of the other changes this year. We couldn't imagine another season without a dog, so we decided it was time and got our Giant Schnauzer puppy this summer.  We had to wait 6 weeks after Sam left until she could travel, so that part wasn't fun, but now that we are all here together is was all very VERY worth it.  I couldn't tell who Sam was happier to see when we arrived, puppy, or me.  I know we were both so excited to see him! Raylan traveled well and seemed unfazed when I picked her up in Stockholm.  

Right away that first night I got to go to a hockey game, against none other that our old team, Oskarshamn.  Not going to lie my tired jet-lagged mind played a few tricks on me as to which team was 'ours'.  I met a few girls that night that are wonderfully sweet! I have a feeling its going to be a great year! 

A wonderful send off, from my Mom and Katja at the airport

Raylan and I on our way to the airport

The moment my mom realized she might actually miss the sometimes 'troublesome' puppy